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Thread: botan nagura

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    botan nagura

    can you jnat gurus tell me more about them? i don't use a finishing stone so use as a nagura is kind of pointless for me, i use a dmt fine slurry stone to build mud on an aoto which really isn't necessary anyway since its a muddy stone to begin with. however it might make sense to use a nagura to smooth out after lapping right?

    i'm more interested about the botan as a full size as i've read that it cuts really fast. what kind of an edge does it leave? grit level? how is the feedback?

    currently i use both a soft and hard aoto as my finishing stones as i like a really toothy edge. just curious about other options, the jnat rabbit hole sure is slippery slope.

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    Botan is not that fast on core steel. It is very good for polishing cladding. But on core steel or touch up stone it is quite slow.
    Feedback with knives i aslo think is not that good. I will more use it for Razors or for polishing

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    I sort of agree with Maxim, but no not completely. I've got a Botan koppa that is great in the areas he's mentioned, including feedback. Having tried a small number and reading more, Asano are not soft stones and so won't be as immediately user-friendly as softer stuff, but they can still feel great. I have a couple that do, including the Botan. Great when you have a harder (though not too-hard) stone that still feels warm when you put a knife on it.

    However, it'd be a bit like winning the lottery if anyone you came across a good full-sized Botan, perhaps. I think they're really good, but their rarety is why I don't think they're mentioned much around here because no one knows. An exception is a former KKFer who had a huge collection and sold off almost all of it, but now says he mostly uses Asano on his knives, though finishing on finer Tenjyo or Mejiro not Botan.

    I really like mine and hope I can find a full-sized 1 day.

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