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Thread: The thread for wood addicts

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    Those are two great pieces, Randy. And correct, I feel much better now, I am far away from 1000 pounds of burl hoarded in my shop But I may match your 100 pounds of stabilized wood . I wish I had taken better pictures of some of the pieces that went though my hands. I have definitely fallen in love with koa, but I actually like it almost more in its less stripey variations, something like this:

    No regular stripes but almost burly with a deep chatoyance / 3-D effect.

    Another one of my favorites is buckeye burl if it comes like this

    but it's hard to find in that quality, and often has so many voids that it is no fun to work with. Finally, I would list thuya burl as another favorite, something like this:

    This wood does not only look good, it also smells great IMHO. But I just had a few blanks of thuya stabilzed and what came back makes me really concerned. I have to try one out, but at a first glance, it almost looks dead - greyish, dull - and seems to have lost its depth. But I have to polish one up to be sure.

    So hard to limit it to 3 varieties. There are so many others, especially local Hawaiian woods that are great. Among the most stunning varieties I have seen is Norfolk pine, very boring wood when freshly cut, but when it is spalted, you can make something like this out of it:

    These bowls are often turned with very thin walls, and then they become translucent. Beautiful stuff. I ave actually thought about getting a lathe, just for something like this. But since dont even have the time for what I want to do now, I postponed that into retirement

    Is anybody else here working with wood besides for knife handles, like turning or furniture making?


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    Stephan, Them are some really nice looking work, and woods!
    I have never used thuya burl. It looks amazing.. and reminds me a little of Redwood Burl.

    Oh yea, Just for the record, I didnt say that I had 1000 lbs of burl in the shop.. I have a few piles of burl around the shop too! lol Yea, I probably need a intervention or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHH Knives View Post
    1000 lbs
    Have any slabs of walnut burl you want to get rid of?

    Two things that really get me off are beautiful hardwoods and metals, specifically copper (I also have a thing for leather and linen). I've always had a thing for walnut for some reason... My chef caught me staring into an ancient copper bain marie that has a great patina on it one time and was like "dude, are you stoned?" lol... Where do you guys by slabs? If you check out my adventures in handle and saya construction you'll see the awesome spalted maple slab I picked up off ebay... but if iirc he usually only has myrtlewood slabs.

    What kind of things have you guys make with your wood besides handles and sayas? I would love to craft some small things but am a bit blank as far as creativity at the moment... Give me some ideas?

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    I just got done splurging on a ridiculous amount of wood. I got quilted maple, spalted quilted maple, Koa blocks, hawaiian mango, milo, buckeye burl blocks, and a bunch of spalted scales mostly hard and soft maple, but also spalted beech. It's gonna cost me even more to have it stabilized than what I spent on the wood...
    - Sean

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    Great thread. I love woods too and have been woodworking longer than knifemaking. I actually got my start into this field by making wooden scabbards for a local swordmaker. Then got into making the swords themselves. Also, always made bowls and grew up in a house where my grandfather would come over and turn bowls and other wood projects. My mom made a few bowls on the wood lathe too.

    So, I glued this one up for my fiance' to turn.

    Some Desert Ironwood.

    Some Spalted Maple burl you will be seeing on some future knife handles soon.

    And my favorite is Curly Koa.

    More bowls coming this Fall/Winter.

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    Very nice indeed, Im really digging this thread. Like I said. Im a burl junky. and the only thing better then working with some insane burl is looking at some that is already been worked by another artist!

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    I'm afraid to open this thread any more. I wish they had parental controls on this forum to block me from the sexy wood channel.

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    I cant help myself. I gota post another pic! Here is some insane feather pattern Buckeye burl! I know its not a kitchen knife. But man is it awesome stuff!

    And another Buckeye burl!!

    Thats all for today! Although I did just find some amazing rosewood burl pics!! lolol Naaaa Ill save for another day!

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    Right now I like Blue.

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    They came out nice Mark, I like them too, but then again I like all this stuff.

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