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    Fantastic collection you have there! Where in the world do you keep them all? Mag Blocks?

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    Haha, one day I will actually end up getting one of those! In the meanwhile, 18 of them travel with me to work in my Ultimate Edge, the rest like to hang out in a 14 slot block made by David the Boardsmith! (I told him when I was done buying knives at the number 14... so much for that one)

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    Hi Avishar1!

    Great knives all, wish they are still in perfect conition, and you got some extra :-)

    I want to ask you two questions:

    A. How do you compare the Masahiro Mv-h to Kikuichi TKC

    And B. Which knnives do you know that have rounded spine out of the box?

    Thank you, best regards, please if you see it, answer question A, very important for me :-)

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