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Thread: European Sharpening Olympics

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    Seems to be very few Europeans on this forum so it looks like it works out well with there being a few Scandinavians. I look forward to the results

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    I wouldnt like any sweating and epilepsy. Hey, Scandinavians, do you agree?
    Well, epileptic sharpening hasn't done anything good to my yanagiba edges lately anyway, så I'll agree to stay off the epileptic part. However, a little sweat is hard to avoid when sharpening my blades. Work put in = performance out.


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    Im in

    Every Olympics needs a winner and a looser
    Ill bet some dollars that Darkhoek or Maxim will do great, me however....

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    I'll put a buck or two on Maxim as well... I'll be the Dark Hoek in the field... eeehh Horse!.... whaaat ever..


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    Soon after Im coming back from holidays Im starting working with one of the most famous chefs in Norway, and of course that means moving from this hole to Oslo.
    That makes three in capital
    Makes me wonder where to do the "paraolympics"??

    Just rememer guys its not boxing championship

    What time you have in minds? For me it must be after august.

    [Maxim I bet on you, we food poison the rest and share the money, what would you say? Oh shite its not a private message!]

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    Welcome to Oslo

    Oslo got a lot of nice places. I recommend you grab a cup of coffee here:

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    Happy birthday by the way, i figured Im not going to write in the thread about it as its very late now. Have fun with PS
    Yes Im happy for the chance I got and for the upgrade. Where I a now doesnt really feel like a city.

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