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Thread: Suggestions for ROME

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    Any knife shops to see

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    lots of great restaurants and amazing night life around Campo de Fiore. Just everyone hanging out having a great time. Rome is like an older version of Manhattan. You can walk it in a day. There are gaps, timberland stores, mail boxes etc., McDonalds and a bunch of perfume I may have seen some Don't do it. After 10pm in Trastevere while you are walking around you may stumble onto a little tiny shack with a bunch of people lined up around the corner waiting for it to open. I have no idea what street or what the name of the place is but, you will smell them walking down the street with a whole porchetta and everyone just starts getting so excited. The shutter opens and the controlled chaos begins. No seats in the place, order off the board, order a birra or soda and step outside. Blissful, orgasmic heaven.

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    Well i would like to say you here that i really like Ducati motorbikes and own a 2008 extremely bicycle. I am going to Ducati manufacturer 3 time southern to monitor a bicycle and see manufacturing.

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    look for a tiny restaurant with only 4 tables run by an old couple, order spaghetti alle vongole with a pitcher of house wine. best 10 euro you will ever spend. for dessert go find a gelato stand and get pistachio flavor.

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    Roma is the city... I was living there for a few time. Really you are going to find good food in many places. If I had to say a place where the romans go to eat pizza (also the tourists), would say that the pizzeria "Da baffetto", Via del Governo Vecchio 114, close to Piazza Navona.

    But the thing that more I recommend to you is that to rent a "motorino" or 125cc scooter/vespa, with it you can go to everyplaces and park very easy.

    By the way, I have a Ducati 800cc but I'm selling it, I'm getting old for the speed.

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