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Thread: mounting JKI stones to bases

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    mounting JKI stones to bases

    Hey Jon. I'm looking to mount the stones of yours that I have to some bases. Do you have recommendations/suggestions for a suitable base material and methods? Anything to be mindful of that may not be immediately apparent?

    I've got access to some really nice scrap strips of marble that a local stone yard will give me. I'm a little concerned that will make the stones rather heavy, especially when they're all together in a box. I could also get some clear cedar instead.

    I'm planning on getting waterproof epoxy. I'll rough up the surface of both faces to get a good bond. My stones haven't seen water in a while, so they are dry and moisture in them when mounting shouldn't be an issue.

    Thanks much! mpp
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    i use quartz countertop scrap pieces... marine epoxy works well too

    they do get heavy though.

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    Just go down to a local marble/granite countertop place. They've always just let me have my pick of the cutouts and scrap found in the dumpsters.
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