I have a bit of an announcement for you all. A little bit ago, Mr William Catchside and I began chatting about a collaboration of sorts. It started a while ago as something different, but has turned the corner into what we think will be nothing short of amazing!

To our knowledge, it has only been done a couple times with any level of success, and we want to knock this out of the park! I will say this, it is destined to be a 7/8 - 8/8 straight, with a san mai construction. I dropped Will a note, and will let him add his piece.

Once forged, by Will, it will (not THE Will, just plain will, sort of the opposite of won't) make its way across the pond, to the prairies of Alberta, where I have the task of grinding, and finishing this piece, and dressing it up. The final appearance of the razor will kinda come together like most of my work, off the cuff, and on the spot!

To say I'm excited about how I mentally picture this piece, is, well......