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Thread: in memory of 3-11

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    in memory of 3-11

    In memory of 3-11...
    Today is the anniversary of the tohoku earthquake in northern Japan. Sara and I distinctly remember in 2011, hearing this in the news and immediately calling her family (who happen to live in northern Japan). Thankfully, they were just fine, but many of their friends were not. As time has gone on, this tragedy has drifted away from our news and faded into history. But we remember. Every year when we go to Japan, we still see the effects. Our friends in northern japan still struggle. The rebuilding continues, but so does the radiation.

    We hope that today you will take some time to reflect on this.

    -Jon and Sara

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    Good luck to your friends and family in that area!

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    I'm so glad someone mentioned this. I watch a Japanese news channel, and yes, the disaster is far from over for the many, many people affected. Thousands still live in temporary housing and the ones from Fukishima have little chance of ever returning.

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    One of the theories is that man increased his problem solving and brain size because of continual changing conditions in the natural world.

    The Japanese have a very rich culture and they have been dealing with natural adverse conditions for centuries.They really get hammered in that Island chain.

    I am not down playing the 2011 earthquake one of the worst on record that wiped out entire towns and much loss of life.

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    I missed this thread, but I was thinking about/wondering how everyone was doing on the Anniversary, and have other days, as well. I can only hope that those who were affected bounced back the best they could.

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