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Thread: Kochi 150mm Petty

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    You know what, it's a beautiful looking knife from a line that gets rave reviews on here, I'm gonna stop stressing so much and just order it in a little while.

    Thanks Jon, I'll put who it is in the comments section so you know which annoying squid I am.

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    Knife was here when I got home from work, that was fast!

    First impressions:

    This is my first experience with the burnt chestnut handle and I really dig them. Simple yet elegant and feels good in hand.

    Fit and finish overall is very nice.

    You weren't kidding, it is super thin behind the edge.

    Just a really nice looking knife.

    Although I wouldn't necessarily call this a mini-gyuto, it has nice enough heel height for a pinch grip. It's sort of in between a bigger taller petty and a mini-gyuto. Still very nimble for in hand work or tip detail work and this looks like it could be a deboning champ.

    OOTB it is very sharp. Cut through a tomato with only it's own weight, confetti-ing paper, with a little sawing gives pretty translucent slices on a horizontal test cut. Cored the tomato great as well.

    Not sure on reactivity, but just cut up one tomato and nothing, which is a good sign. I love patina as much as the next man, but some knives are so reactive, especially before a mainly full patina has set in that I often question why I've made the switch to carbon.

    Was packaged really nice, pretty much gift wrapped too haha. There was a hand written thank you letter in there as well, not sure if you packaged this and wrote that, but it's a nice touch, thanks.

    Fish tweezers look really well made and serviceable as well.

    So far so good, thanks a lot Jon.

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    Just want to revisit this mini-monster...

    Finally opened this up for real and oh my god it's sharp. I really love bigger, well taller petty's and small Gyuto's and what not, but this knife is a champ.

    Has stood up fine with a nice amount of abuse, you could prep a large meal with this knife no problem if you felt the need such as I did tonight.

    I'd like to go into more detail but I don't have the time, highly recommend this though. Still very unreactive overall as well, but can get a touch of scent. Just responded so sick on the stones.

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    Nice patina starting to set in. Can't stress how much I love this little knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icanhaschzbrgr View Post
    yeah for us some knife porn!

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    Just an advice, do not google picture "knife porn"

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