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Thread: Kramer Auction - June 2011

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    Kramer Auction - June 2011

    What, nobody has posted about this yet?

    If you would like a damascus Bob Kramer knife, do not want to wait indefinitely, and your wife will let you cash in your house's equity on a couple knives, head on over to Kramer's site and bid with all your financial might!!

    Ends in 1 day, 11 hours. Currently at $15,100. But the reserve has been met!

    Brand New Damascus Pattern

    Scorpius Mosaic Damascus
    8" Chef Knife and 5" Utility Knife
    European Style with Snakewood Handles

    For Sale

    This auction includes a brand new Scorpius Damascus 8" Chef's knife with a matching 5" Utility knife, and a handmade Hinoki and Cherry wood Kramer Cutting Board.

    A certificate of authenticity and warranty will accompany each knife. Thanks for looking.

    The Knives

    This is a brand new mosaic pattern, never attempted before. This is a blend of high performance tool steels, hardened and tempered to 61 HRC. The Scorpius pattern took 3 days to create the steel alone. This process is very labor and material intensive, involving stacking, forge welding, grinding, re-stacking and so on.

    A Note about Mosaic
    These knives are made using a technique called Mosaic Damascus. This technique allows us to create far more controlled and intense patterns than we would be able to make otherwise. While these knives are fully functional and are meant to be used, we would categorize them as functional art. They do not possess the same level of extreme flexibility as seen on the Kramer Knives segment on CBS. This knife is built to cut fruits, vegetables, boneless meat and fish. It is not meant to cut bolts, bones, frozen food, coconuts and especially not frozen coconuts.

    The Board

    This was handmade in the U.S.A exclusively for Kramer Knives. The wood is all end-grain cut and artfully assembled with a beautiful Hinoki cutting area and Cherry wood border. It is 18"W x 24"L and 1.5" thick, with a 5/8" juice groove on one side.

    Hinoki is the perfect cutting surface because it is very forgiving on knife edges while hard enough to last a lifetime. Its oils are known for their antibacterial properties, which is why Japanese Sushi Chefs consider Hinoki the ultimate cutting surface. The Cherry wood border will darken and become more beautiful as it ages.


    We donate 10% of the final auction price to a charity from the Donations page on our website. The winner is welcome to choose.

    Payment & Shipping

    We accept e-check via PayPal or wire transfer for payment. We ship UPS 2nd Day Air as soon as payment is confirmed (it's on us).

    Thank you for your interest in my work.

    Bob Kramer, Master Bladesmith, ABS.
    (360) 455-4357
    And some pics for those who haven't seen 'em and don't want to register or login:

    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    He does make nice blades .
    who's buying those knifes rich foodies .

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    That pattern makes my eyes hurt.

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    Wait, so the cutting board isn't even made by them? What the....

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    I'll take a pass on this one

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    Too rich for my blood.

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    Im in

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    I like a lot of Kramers damascus patterns, but this one is too much for me to look at.

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    One slice with that knife - eyes get red

    Two slices - oculogyric crisis

    Third slice - status epilepticus


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    That is one ugly knife.

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