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Thread: Kramer Auction - June 2011

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    ex-clown/chef turned successful knife-maker, good storyline, now it's a feeding frenzy. I wonder how many millionaire authors Oprah made with her book recommendations?

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    Is it true Kramer prohibits the secondary market selling of his custom knives? Is that a contractual legality?

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    Yeah, the guy has benefited greatly from articles, flavor of the (year or two) month, etc, but I really feel that Salty and most recently, Mattrud's endorsements say an awful lot. I get the feeling Bob makes amazing knives. $51000 knives? Of course not! However, the fact that Matt doesn't want to turn around and sell his for a huge profit speaks volumes.
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    Before I purchased the knife from Bob we had chatted on occasion about random things. He also happened to bring the knife to me where I work. Bob and his wife are truly great people and the knife itself is nothing short of a work of art. Never once did the question or talk of re-selling the knife come up between Bob and myself. I am very happy to see his success and wish the same for the other smiths I have had the pleasure to speak with (many here and many of which are great people). In both are professions (cook/smith) there is a lot of work and very little pay in the majority of cases. So it is great to see truly good people find success like Bob has. Saying all that the knife is a tool for what I do(ok thats a bit of an understatement) but there are people behind the knife, both the user and the maker.

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    Well said


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