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Thread: Misono or Nenox

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    The Nenox has a completely different shape than your Wustie - it's got a pretty long flat spot in front of the heel and the tip is much lower to the board. Things that most folks around here desire. The Wustie has a lot of curve in the edge from heel to tip and the tip is nearly level to the spine making it much higher off the board. Things that most folks around here despise. There's nothing in common between the two.

    Nenox does make some sexy looking blades and handles. They show up on a lot of cooking shows and Iron Chef episodes. They may have some sort of sponsorship deal, just speculating...

    Misono went through a big price hike a couple years ago, and now they are generally considered over priced for what they are. I don't recall anyone ever saying they really loved the UX10 - a few folks even said it was all that. Misono's Swedish Carbon, however is highly regarded as a very good value and has good blade shape.

    Going from a typical western knife to a high end Japanese knife will have a learning curve. Your gonna pick up your new knife and start doing something that is second nature to you w/ you Wustie and suddenly realize it's doesn't feel and act quite the same. But once you get used to it, you'll never go back.
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    Ok, so I am seriously inquiring as to the availability of the hatorri FH, wood. Harder than it would seem.

    However, I spotted this one: Saji 240mm Gyuto, ironwood handle
    Steel SG-2 Powdered Stainless Streel
    HRC 64
    Handle Ironwood
    250mm blade length
    385mm total length
    2.4mm spine thickness

    Comments? (I know over the range, but I can go over, if I find it to be extremely exceptional)

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    Good knife, but choil and spine are not rounded, which you can do yourself with some sandpaper and a few minutes. Very good edge retention and food release; can get a little wedgey on carrots and sweet potatoes though.

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    Honestly if you looking for a stainless steel knife, I would go with nenox,
    They are the best knife so far!!

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    Don't know how I missed this thread. Ux10 is way overpriced. Give Jon a call at JKI if you haven't already.
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    I've held both the Misono UX10 and Nenox Corian Handle. IMO, the fit & finish on the Misono (and any Misono knife really) is spectacular, and was not as good as I was expecting on the Nenox. The Nenox handle, while it looks really comfortable, wasn't all that comfortable to hold. Also, the Nenox felt a bit heavy and on the "chunky" side for J-knives to me, the Misono was hefty but not too bad. That said, you should definitely talk to Jon from JKI - he confirmed what I'd read elsewhere in this forum that the steel used in the UX10 kinda sucks - apparently it's a mofo to sharpen. If you're into Misono, you should take a look at the Misono 440 series.

    If you can (and are even still looking - this thread is a bit old now), you should visit Korin in person and check them out for yourself. For instance, I thought I'd like the Glestain handle from pictures, but I absolutely hated it in person.

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    As a Nenox owner, I'd recommend something else. There's a lot more 'bang for the buck' options out there.
    This would be a very acceptable choice:!!!! if there are any still available.
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    I had the Hattori FH gyuto in 210mm for a while and loved it. True, the handle was a bit on the small side but the shape was spot on! Best Western handle I ever had. The handle on the 240mm gyuto is bigger than the one on the 210mm gyuto, btw...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erilyn75 View Post
    Actually- I got the dragon misono AND the Hattori

    I couldnt decide, so I figured I would get a carbon blade, and the hattori.
    Still love the look of the Nenox- but the Hattori handle is very nice (I am a woman with thin long fingers)- and who can refuse the dragon??? incorrigible I tell ya.

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