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Thread: Which is heavier: walnut and maple cutting board

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    Which is heavier: walnut and maple cutting board

    Which is heavier?
    This is for the cutting board.
    Besides the weight, pro and cons these two types of cutting board wood, anybody has experience?

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    want to listen user opinion...

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    For weight I can't say which is heavier.

    For use, walnut is softer than maple.

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    What if you buy one with both walnut and maple?

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    is walnut (in general, not sure which type of species use) leave mark?

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    I would like to if i can buy both.

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    I've got a walnut/maple end grain and it doesn't matter which one you get, your knives will leave marks. It was heartbreaking for me at first because it's so pretty but after awhile it just blends into the board and adds character.

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    Depends on the type of Maple or Walnut, there are many types of each. A hard maple will have a specific gravity in the low 7s while a maple is typically around 5.5 to 6. But there are softer maples that drop down the the mid 5s also. SG at 12% MC.
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