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Thread: Gyutuo Recommendation

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    A Hiromoto AS 210mm gyuto will run you ~150 and for another 100-150 you can have it rehandled in a wood of your choosing by one of the several vendors on this forum.

    http://www.This Site Not Allowed Her...1gybyadma.html

    (Edit: Okay, that's weird. Why is CKTG not allowed? Anyhoo, it was the Hiromoto Adam Marr 210 gyuto custom handled in redwood burl.)

    The HattoriFH referred to would be the cocobolo 210 gyuto on

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    Gesshin ginga might work, call Jon at jki

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    If we ignore your need for a special handle, I would also recommend a Ginga Western. I love my Ginga Wa-Gyuto.

    You can also pick up a Gesshin Kagero which constructed of powered steel and should have superior edge retention to the AUS-8 in your Togiharu.

    I highly recommend talking to Jon at JKI for either of the above knives, he is super helpful a will steer you in the right direction.

    Other options:

    If you want to save couple of bucks you can get a Carbonext from Fairly thin blade and good bang for your buck.

    If looks matter, than you can also pick up a VG10 Hammer Damascus Gyuto which is available through a variety or retailers. The VG-10 should have superior edge retention to the AUS-8 and it has some type of natural wood handle that isn't black.

    Korin has them as Togiharu Hammered Texture Damascus Gyutou for $149.99

    The better deal is getting one through Yoshihiro on Ebay for $129.99 with free shipping.

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    I would avoid too a flashy blade in a pro environment. Apart from that a faux damascus makes the blade unnecessary thick and will look unattractive within a few months. VG-10 is a good steel if properly hardened which is rarely the case. Sharpening it isn't always a pleasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post
    Gesshin ginga might work, call Jon at jki

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