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Thread: Informal Chef Clothing

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    i like the aprons....anybody know where i could get a similar apron, but cheaper?

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    yea if they weren't 80 bills

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    dishwasher shirts work well. i use chef works short sleeve and they are really comfortable and long enough in the back if your tall.

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    most comfortable apron ive ever worn. this aint no hipster ****.

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    happy chef utility shirts are my go to, great color variety and only 8.95 a piece if you buy a handful of them

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    Guys have to say tilit chef coats are really nice in my opinion. As good as any executive chef jacket from chef wear or chef works. I like the neck as it doesn't rub as much and the stretchy sides. Haven't had to wash much will have to comment on wear and tear later on. The shirts I wouldn't purchase for work clothes though stick with Cheaper stuff for sure. Pants are pretty nice if you want to keep some for nice events

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