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Thread: Chef Clothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Niloc View Post
    They are made out of seersucker:

    Light, stay cool, no pressing or ironing needed and still look stylish.
    A chef that used to work at my place came into to work a couple nights for fun and he was wearing the seersucker jacket. He has a restaurant in puerto rico now and mentioned those jackets are great for the heat as well... I wish someone would make a cotton/linen blend jacket. I have a cotton/linen blend pants and they are cooler than shorts!

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    The customisation of those seersuckers is incredible and I've been looking for something like that for ages. If I lived in the States I'd order one in a heartbeat

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    Does anyone else wear black? I got tired of staining my whites and switched a few years back....never look back!
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    5,487 is almost worse than white. Hides greasy blotches but seems to magnify everything else. Also hot as hell. Tried one once but just couldn't make it work.

    My preference for day to day is 100% cotton, short sleeve & vented back. I hoarded these when Chef Works still had them. Discontinued for a long time now.

    For years I worked for a place where I had to wash my own uniforms. Now I throw them in the linen bin and 2 days later they come back clean, pressed & starched.

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