Hi everyone,

as most of the interested parties know, my back log is ridiculous right now, so I want to focus on finishing orders that I have accepted in the past. As much as I enjoy discussing new orders and designs with customers, this takes time away from the shop right now. Therefore, I will not accept any new custom orders until further notice (closing date: July 31). Any changes will be announced here and on my website (which btw is getting a face lift right now and will include a blog section in the near future). I am doing what I can to fill all orders that are on my work progress list as soon as possible. If you feel your project should be on there but has not been entered, yet, or forgotten please contact me.

That said, I am trying to get a shopping cart system integrated in my new website, and once I figured that out and have any 'extras', I will let you know. There should be a dozen or so, eventually. Even when I am trying to focus on ordered handles, occasionally some wood combinations jump out at me and I add them to the mix, or I try something and make extras as back-ups. These are the handles that get offered as extras, even though there are still people waiting for their orders. And some have waited for ridiculously long times by now.

Thanks for your understanding,