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Thread: PM's Gone

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    Oh man, the trombone thing is amazing! Haha.

    Not a founding member, eh...?

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    The founding member usergroup is and admin usergroup. Leaving him in it would go against his wishes.

    I'm out this weekend, but I will get a new Founding Member user group set up Monday (can't do it on my phone) in order to properly honor Jim and Dave, and their contribution and leadership all these years.

    It's not a slight, just my level of access along with the timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    In response to Mr. Huw:
    The haircut fits.........
    .......but I didn't know Dave played the trombone. I thought he was more of an accordion kind of guy.
    Doesn't he play in a Punk Polka band? Maybe I am getting my Daves mixed up.

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    I can't believe that this guy gets more hits in Google than me.

    On the Founder tag, Austin if you want to make it easy on yourself you could just click me in on the Founder's group as a secondary group but then modify the permissions for that group to remove access to the admin stuff. I say this is easier since the image and group is already there ready to go. Just a thought...

    Thanks to you guys who voiced your concerns though, it's nice to know people give a crap about you. LOL

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