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Thread: Echerub's Consolidated Clear-Out Thread - gyutos plus others (w/ some new additions)

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    Echerub's Consolidated Clear-Out Thread - gyutos plus others (w/ some new additions)

    As stated before in my previous sales threads, I have decided to re-evaluate my various knives and find new homes for those knives that I don't absolutely *love* and therefore are never going to get much board time in my hands. These knives are all in excellent to brand-new condition, you'll recognize them to be quality knives, but for various reasons they just don't have the right feel for me in my hand. Thankfully, everybody's a little different and what doesn't match me will match someone else who will give these knives more use time than they'll see in my kitchen

    This thread is a consolidation of my previous "Clear-Out" threads.

    All prices include shipping within North America. International, we can discuss.


    Watanabe Blue 1 240mm gyuto w saya

    This is a custom-spec'd gyuto from Watanabe with blue 1 hagane and thinner grind behind the edge. Stefan Keller handle, with saya. Asking $425.

    Yoshikane V2 270mm tamamoku gyuto w saya

    Beautiful gyuto with beautiful tamamoku ("bird's eye wood pattern") cladding. Saya included. Some superficial color marking on the ho wood handle from when I put it in storage - it'll come out very easily with a bit of light sanding. Good as new. Asking $400.

    Singatirin Honyaki 240mm gyuto

    Absolutely brand new. V2 honyaki. Had 2 for sale, now only 1 left. Asking $325.

    TWO Singatirin Honyaki 270mm gyuto

    Absolutely brand new. V2 honyaki. Asking $340 each.

    Monzaburo 240mm white 2 honyaki - single-bevel, with saya

    Ebony octagonal handle. Put on the stones once to open the edge. Has some patina on it that I can remove for you if you'd like; this knife is good as new. Asking $550.

    Fujitake 300mm - VG1 monosteel, with saya

    Bought this from Sanko in San Francisco's J-Town for $500 without the saya. Very light and nimble even though it's 300mm. Western-handled. Used this one maybe 4 or 5 times. It's got grantons, which helps if you're going to let this knife do double-duty as a slicer. Only put it on the stones once to open the edge, it's good as new. Asking $375.

    Devin Thomas ITK 240mm AEB-L gyuto

    One of the initial batches of ITK AEB-L gyutos. Sharpened up once, maybe twice - but this was quite some time ago when my sharpening skills were not what they are now. So, the transition between the polish of the bevel and shoulder area with the main body of the knife is not absolutely even - essentially I wobbled putting the knife on high polishing grits. However, the geometry of the knife itself is not altered, and I have since polished main body of the knife to bring out more shine to closer match the super shiny bevel and shoulders.

    Excellent condition but with evidence of newbie enthusiasm with high-grit Superstones.

    As you know, these aren't going to be available again for a while. Asking $480.

    Watanabe 270mm Pro gyuto

    Very good condition, but the knife has visibly seen some time around the kitchen. Clean bevels. I got it second-hand and hadn't put it to the stones even once. Asking $325.

    Kaneshige 180mm nakiri - blue 2, damascus

    Yew octagonal handle, sharpened once to open the blade and used a handful of times. Good as new. Asking $155.

    Kunio Ishikawa 180mm Zensho nakiri

    Blue 2, stainless clad, with S-grind geometry. Never sharpened, used once or twice. Good as new. Asking $140; buy with the Kunio Ishikawa 180mm santoku for $265 as a set.

    Kunio Ishikawa 180mm Zensho santoku

    Blue 2, stainless clad, with S-grind geometry. Never sharpened, used once or twice. Good as new. Asking $140; buy with the Kunio Ishikawa 180mm nakiri for $265 as a set.

    Hattori FH 300mm suji - with case

    Got this second-hand. Has a bit of bird's-beaking near the tip, but not so far that it affects performance. Put in at least 2 sessions on the stones to try to "recondition" the profile, but sujis just aren't my thing and I didn't have the enthusiasm to keep putting more time into this one. It'll work itself out over time with regular, proper sharpening but since I almost never use sujis that means I'm never going to reach that point in my lifetime. Other than the bird's-beaking, the rest of the edge is in great shape. Asking $175

    Tanaka 180mm blue 2 KU deba - custom handle

    Very nice rehandle - possibly by Mike Henry, though I bought this second-hand and cannot remember what the original listing said. Excellent condition. Asking $165.

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    PM sent

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    The Yoshikane v2 is really an amazing cutter one of my favourite.

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    You're KILLING me, here, dude!!! :-) Frickin' beautiful knives. GLWS!

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    Yeah, these knives really do deserve to see more board time than I'll be able to give them

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    Still available - most prices reduced!

    Watanabe blue 1 240 gyuto w saya - REDUCED, now $415
    Yoshikane V2 270 tamamoku gyuto w saya - REDUCED, now $390
    Singatirin V2 honyaki 240 gyuto - REDUCED, now $315
    Singatirin V2 honhyaki 240 gyuto (2 available) - REDUCED, now $330 each
    Monzaburo 240 honyaki, single bevel, w saya - REDUCED, now $540
    Fujitake VG1 300mm gyuto w saya - $375
    Watanabe 270 pro gyuto - REDUCED, now $315

    Kaneshige 180 damascus nakiri - REDUCED, now $150
    Kunio Ishikawa Zensho 180 nakiri - $140; paired w Zensho 180 santoku - REDUCED, now $255
    Kunio Ishikawa Zenshio 180 santoku - $140; paired w Zensho 180 nakiri - REDUCED, now $255

    Hattori FH 300mm suji - REDUCED, now $170
    Tanaka 180 blue 2 KU deba w custom handle - $165

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    How are these not sold? I DO NOT need another gyuto.

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    That's true. You need *two* new gyutos

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