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Thread: 250 mm S35VN Gyuto

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    Very classy, Nice profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    It will be harder to sharpen. Pay off, it will hold an edge longer. Also depends on the stone. Some have told me it skates like its on glass, others have found slight differences compared with their other knives. Depends on your set up, and what you are used to. If you use Henkel's and compare it to this, you will find a huge difference. Not so much if you have used knives in a 61+ Rockwell range, there isn't so much difference.

    Because of the vanadium in the steel, it is tough to work. It eats sand paper. That is why i used a stone. And a cheap one at that. Much easier.
    I can say it holds an edge much longer than a lot of stuff I've used. Although I don't mess too much with AS or other carbons/cladded for gyuto. The SV is really impressive. It gets nice and toothy and doesn't wear much and we use the crappy Polly boards at work. I have only needed to touch mine up once in 3 weeks and I went 5k. 8k. And quick finish on a 15k natural stone that I use for certain steels that respond to that sort of grit, it stays very sharp for a long time. Compared to konosuke, vg-10, even AEBL but not my DT. It's a close draw with the DT AEBL. The knives are too different for a real comparison.

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