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Thread: Vacmaster 112 under $600

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    Awesome score, congrats!

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    Like someone made the cheaper Sous Vide circulators, someone needs to make a cheaper chamber vac

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    I picked one of these up, do you guys know about increasing time for a certain size bag or anything?

    I did a large bag and got a good deal but not as good as some of the smaller ones.

    I have the seal bar set to 6

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    Mine is also set to 6 and bag size does not seem to affect the seal. Something I did while using a strip sealer for SV was to put a double seal on the closing end. I've not used my vacmaster for a "seal only" function but I'm sure it's doable. If any doubt about your primary seal just put a 2nd one outside of it.
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    Thanks Dave!

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    I think what's in the bag is the key to seal times. And also the temperature of what's in the bag.

    Also, the seal by the vac master is already a double seal.
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