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Thread: Steel for stock removal method

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    Steel for stock removal method

    Hi forum,

    New member, first post. I have had an itch to jump in and start making my own knives for some time now. Read quite a bit, have my space setup...time to get some steel. I'm doing stock removal, looking to keep it simple from a heat treatment standpoint, but still make something functional (after I ruin the first few blades practicing that is!) :-)

    What would the group recommend as a good steel?


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    I am no expert but 10xx series carbon steels (1075 , 1080 , 1084 , 1095) are easy to heat treat at home. The count after 10 indicates the carbon content , thus 1095 has the highest. 1095 is the finicikiest among them but they are still more forgiving compared to the other steels.

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