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Thread: Shun Fuji

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    As others have said, Shun Fuji is a great knife. If you compare it retail price vs many of the big hitters you find here... you will get a way better bang for your buck learning more about the popular knives here.

    That being said, if you had an opportunity to pick them up "at a discount" That makes it all the better. I scoured a few sites when I first started looking for my Fujis and piece by piece put together a set. I opted for the 10" chefs knife and love it to death! That being said it has its uses and I go to other blades for other tasks. I have a HHH nakari that I cannot remember life before this knife (only had it a few months), the HHH 240 production gyuto is also a phenominal cutter. Ealy 240 O1 Gyuto and a couple of parers get their workouts as well, and sometimes a good ole Forgecraft cleaver is the right tool for the job.

    The steel of the Fuji is great and the cladding makes it easier to maintain. Pair that with the available sharpening services (if you are not comfortable doing so yourself) You can get it to take a very nice edge and hold for a good amount of use. Some people downplay the sharpening as you have to pay for shipping each way, but buying your own stones can be an investement as well.

    Congrats on the purchase, hang out here to learn a bit more on all things sharp and shiny!

    Have a knife day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirgin View Post
    BTW, any recomendations on proper care for them? How should I wash them after use? Should I apply anything to the blade or handle? Thanks in advance
    Just wash 'em, dry 'em and put them on a magnetic strip. I have three Fujis, got a smokin' deal on 'em (like best bang possible for my buck good deal), and love them.
    I never use a any kind of ceramic or steel for edge maintenance, wood-backed leather strop only.

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    Been using the knives every day since I got them. The are absolutely fantastic.

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