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    Second pic, back row...what are those big mamma-jammas?!

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    Sorry, bumping an older thread, but didn't want to see the topic die out completely.

    Must say the Rytek book was the first cooking book I personally ordered. It contained the recipes my Dad used for Italian sausage and Breakfast (fresh) sausage. They would do it every fall (usually on Apple Cup weekend while the Cougars played the Huskies). The whole family would get together and grind a 50/50 blend of deer and pork to make 40 to 50 lbs of bulk sausage. Always was and still is my favorite, so hopefully I'll get that on my list soon. Just need to read Mucho's post a couple more times, as well as his links.

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    Glad you did bump this. I have been making and smoking sausage for years and learned a few things from reading this.

    I usually make the bulk of my sausage in winter where I can smoke at low temps, but do enjoy breakfast sausage....try using costco boneless chicken thighs semi frozen for the breakfast recipie....it's pretty darn surprising how good it is and a little bit healthier I suppose.

    My son cooks them like hamburgers....of course a growing 17 year old will eat anything he can find.

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    I have still gotta get the hand crank grinder. I am getting more and more into meat grinding recently and I know the KA attachment is holding me back.

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