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Thread: One for the money, two for the show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill13 View Post
    I would love to see a video of Devin making one of his Damascus knives.

    I would love to know the asking price too, but I am pretty sure that is against forum rules.?
    Couple of quick searches on this forum will give you a few good finds/answers. For prices look under Devin's sub-forums or on BST


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    Checker Board Turkish Twist is sick, sick, SICK !!!

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    I can't fathom how you get this sort of precision. I watched the video above. Looks like some sort of crimper tool? At first I was trying to figure how that could all be done with only folding! Amazing.

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    As always Devin some of the very best out there.


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    John, good to see you here. Welcome to the forum.


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