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Thread: Why did you become obsessed with knives?

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    1. I am NOT obsessed.
    2. I blame my stepson for giving me a Kakiri.
    3. I am still trying to decide what to buy next.

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    I am not an addict, I don't attend any KAA (Kife addicts anonymous) meetings.

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    They're quieter than guns.
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    I got over my knife fetishism early on (thank God), and now I focus on my knife skills.

    I appreciate well made knifes, but I'm far from obsessed.

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    I've like quality knives since I was a kid and caught lots of fish and of course a sharp knife makes all the difference when filleting fish. So since I've been more involved in the kitchen lately and enjoying cooking again I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade my kitchen knives and luckily I found this forum with all you experts of the trade. I've only purchased a dozen or so knives since I joined the forum lol. Its truly addicting.

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    Started when I was a kid too then I bought my Randall Model 1 field knife in 1973 and a Ralph Bone skinning knife in 1974. I'm a fabricator I like hand made things.

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    I am in no way obsessed or an addict. I've only just passed the 450 mark. I'm thinking that if it reaches 1000 then I can diagnosed to be a bit of an obsessed addict of sharp pointy things... That is all
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    I've always loved knives (and pretty much every other bladed object) since I was little. This was probably enhanced by the fact that my mom was very anti-knife. So not only were they inherently awesome but they were also forbidden fruit. The obsession has been set free now, though is still kept in check by financial constraints. Once that suitcase full of money comes along though....
    - Erik

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    Having a knife fetish helps me justify home cooking more often. I live in a place where convenient food is everywhere, pretty good, and pretty cheap. I never need to cook, and shopping for ingredients and deciding recipes is something I'm not always motivated to do, so the knife hobby helps keep me interested.

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    Why did you become obsessed with knives?

    For me it started in quite a backwards way . I spent the first few years of my career with pretty dodgy knives and terrible knife skills in hindsight, mainly due to a lack of guidance... But then I got into a great restaurant with some real bad ass chefs who really drove home how little I knew, I think that's when it started, realising my skills were lacking and getting obsessive to improve myself... Now I'm in a more senior position and I can help/guide/teach people and I want to teach them the right way, there is a real lack of care I think by some chefs when it comes to teaching the next generation, I don't want to contribute to that. So in essence I'm obsessive so I can teach others better.... And obviously there are more selfish reasons... They are tools we use all day everyday I sure want ones that I love, loving your knives makes prep so much more fun, we fight over chopping buckets of onions at work because we all love using our knives at peak performance to smash out prep
    The real problem is I have no money to fund the obsession! An ironic situation for sure.

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