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Thread: Bread knife?

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    Bread knife?

    I see discussions on all sorts of knives, but not yet on bread knives.

    What bread knife do you guys prefer? And why? I hear many good things on the Tojiro bread knife. Are there other good bread knives?

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    From my experience there are 2 types of KKF users exists: those who don't care about bread (and use any knife that they had in hand at the moment) and the others, who loves bread. Speaking about second group, most often they would recommend Mac bread knife or Tojiro ITK. There are also more expensive options and more cheap ones, but those two are probably top contenders.

    In our home kitchen we cut baguettes with Tojiro ITK and couldn't be happier.

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    I love bread but hate bread knives so I use a gyuto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talim View Post
    I love bread but hate bread knives so I use a gyuto.

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    I love bread, love my gyuto, dislike bread knives, so I use a cheap but thin one, by Henckels International. I'm not going to use a fine gyuto edge on a hard crust.

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    There can be only one. The Mother.

    Name:  Gude 320 Bread Knife - Brottmeister!.jpg
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    Seiously the Torijo is well regarded here though Ive never held one. Heard mostly good about MAC.
    Older and wider.

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    Anyone use the victorinox 10 inch bread knife ? I've heard good reviews on that one. I'm actually in the market for a bread knife that will not break the bank. My understanding is that a longer blade 10 inch or more is the most versatile size that can handle many tasks from larger size loafs to bigger cakes.

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    I use a gyuto for the the bread, I can't see why would I want a serrated knife for that purpose as long as the gyuto is sharp.

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    If you want a dedicated bread knife the Gude can't be beat. Tojiro is also very nice. If you want inexpensive, but decent, the Deglon serrated knife, at around $25, is pretty good.

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    Tojiro. Inexpensive and efficient

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