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Thread: soy sauce recommendations?

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    I'm digging the Aloha soy sauce lately.

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    Bluegrass Soy Sauce is a good change of pace, more for condiment than cooking. Kentucky grown non GMO soybeans aged in bourbon barrels

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    look for real aged stuff..check the ingredients..should be no surprises.

    the cheap stuff is purely brown salty thanks.

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    Golden mountain soy sauce . soy sauce is so subjective. You have thin soy for light touches in cooking, thick soy for a more molasses flavor in rich dishes, mushroom soy sauce for that extra umami flavor when cooking. THe Japanese profiles are completely different then the Chinese. Tamari has a very unique pleasant flavor and we all know what Kikkoman taste like. Avoid most American made soy sauces as they are usually just made out of various additives and chemicals and many don't even have soy. There are artisanal soy makers in Japan That make amazing products but, I don't read Japanese. I love Golden Mountain Chinese soy sauce. It has a smokey almost tamari flavor that goes well both in cooking and in finishing a dish.
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    I mix the wasabi with the soy. Is this sacrilegious?

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    Somehow I believe that Golden Mountain is a Thai soy sauce made after Chinese style soy sauce.

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    Amoy gold label dark & light soy sauce is great for Chinese cooking.

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    One exotic premium soy sauce I would recommend is Lo Kuang Condensed Soy Paste from Taiwan. Probably not easy to find. But it's a really flavorful thick sauce made from black soy beans.
    Here is a link to learn more about it if you are interested in trying to contact the company that makes it.

    Another very special soy sauce is Yuan's Royal Soy Sauce. Probably one of the most expensive soy sauce you'll ever set your eyes on. They ferment this sauce naturally for over a year before it's bottled and without preservatives.
    Check the following links:,00.html

    I have tried both of the above as they are available in retail shops in Hong Kong and they are both superb.

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    There are countless varieties of soy sauce on the market, from produced naturally brewed Soy Sauce to chemically produced soy sauce. good naturally brewed Soy Sauce will brewing period for at least 3 months to half a year, and chemical methods Soy Sauce only take 8-10 hours!! many cheap made chemical soy sauce contain carcinogens, including (3-MCPD) and (1,3-DCP).
    Knowing how to Choosing a high quality soy sauce is important! here are few ways to identify differences between naturally brewed Soy Sauce and chemically produced soy sauce.
    -price, most easy way, the higher price soy sauce is better one in generally speaking.
    -Take a look at the color, Naturally brewed Soy Sauce is a clear, vivid red-brown color, while non-brewed soy sauce is very dark color
    -shake the soy sauce bottle, Good soy sauce will has a lot of foam, not easily dispersed.
    -Check the label on the bottle, amino acids produced as the koji mold dissolves the proteins contained in the soybeans and wheat. generally speaking, higher "amino-acid nitrogen%" =The higher grade of soy sauce, which means the better quality!
    >0.8g/100ml =superfine grade
    >0.7g/100ml =A grade
    >0.55g/100ml=B grade
    >0.4g/100ml =C grade

    I personally like good soy sauce made by Taiwan or Japan & try stay away from the cheap soy sauce made in China. I use superfine/A grade soy sauce for dipping, B grade for cooking!
    Charles ***[All statements I made here only my personal opinion and nothing more!]*** & Please bare with me for my crappy English!!

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    Thanks guys for the help !!! So here is another question where do you get these high grade Japanese soy sauces? is there a preferred online vendor?

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