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Thread: soy sauce recommendations?

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    great thread. unfortunately most of the soy sauces ive had have been low quality. and im pretty sure la choy is the WORST soy sauce ever.

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    Not sure what the consensus here is, but I buy a lot of soy from the Philippines to make my beef jerky. Swan and Datu Puti are regularly available to me.

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    soy sauce recommendations?

    Moses, this is my favorite and is readily available locally or buy it from their website. I the 20.OZ low sodium tamari for about $9 at Whole Foods
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Moses, this is my favorite and is readily available locally or buy it from their website. I the 20.OZ low sodium tamari for about $9 at Whole Foods
    I get the regular sodium variety, but this is my fave as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Somehow I believe that Golden Mountain is a Thai soy sauce made after Chinese style soy sauce.
    you are absolutely right. I was working at THe Royal Barge Thai Restaurant in Scottsdale when I was introduced to it. The owners would always call any dish that had soy sauce in it as Chinese style and any that had fish sauce as Thai style.
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    La choy is something for sure but soy sauce it is not !!!!

    thanks for the suggestions so I think I'll try to look up a few of these .

    okay here's another question for you anybody have any favorite meat marinade for soy sauce as the key ingredient?

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    maybe my palate is not sensitive to soy sauce, but i find 'fake soy sauce' a la kari-out just fine. it's supposed to be salty as hell. that said, the stuff i use at home is a huge jug of reddish looking stuff i purchase at a korean grocery store (no clue of the brand as ive never paid any mind to it) which by the comments in this thread should be superior, but ive no issue using la choy either
    then again, i never use soy sauce plain, always doctor it up with something else so that could have clouded any deficiencies in the actual soy product.

    moses - look up korean kalbi recipes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkern View Post
    I mix the wasabi with the soy. Is this sacrilegious?
    I know this is going to sound odd, but it depends where you are.

    At home, it's perfectly normal. My mom, who is Japanese, does this all the time. My relatives in Japan do this at home as well.

    But, at better Japanese restaurants, it can frowned upon, especially if they're more traditional or presaucing your Sushi. For sashimi, you're supposed to put a little wasabi on each piece of fish.
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    Try this website. I've never used their website, but this is one of the largest Japanese markets in LA that I go to regularly.

    Some of the bottles listed are not soy sauces or Shoyus - they're seasoning base liquids. If you see "seasoning" or "concentrated," these are likely base seasonings. These types of seasonings have added ingredients.
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    Ok, one more interesting sauce related to good soy sauce. I recently went to a gourmet shop in Hong Kong and bought a Japanese product which was basically a glass bottle containing pieces of dried bullet mackerel (Auxis rocbei). The store manager told me to put some good soy sauce in it and to store it in the fridge for at least a few days or longer to let the flavor infuse into the soy sauce. Then it become a really flavorful sauce you can enjoy with soup noodle like ramen and also other types of food. The bottle I have looks like this one
    It is very delicious but only if you like fish.

    Alternatively, I found a website which seems to give a method to make a similar sauce, tosajoyu (katsuo bushi-infused soy sauce).

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