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Thread: Rodrigue McLean Lamson Production knife

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    will the makers mark be etched or stamped?

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    Pierre has a team of beavers that will engrave them with their teeth.

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    Will the prototype testers feedback ever be shared with the rest of us?
    I understood that these reports were held back originally to solicit the most unbiased feedback from the 6 testers.:
    "We are planning to make public all comments after the testers have had a chance to put their thoughts together. This way the next testers opinions aren't biased."

    Once the testing reports started coming in the process seemed to get a little blurry...

    "this has stalled because I'm not attaching my name to something that I'm not proud of. The comments have been really solid, all around, but not good enough for me. I'm a demanding SOB, and until this is what I want it to be, it's not happening."

    So what are these comments, solid or otherwise?
    If these have already been shared within one of these ginormous threads can someone please point me in the general direction.

    It would be good to have all the information that members have submitted. As it is now, one has to read between the lines to get some sort of sense of how the testers felt the knife performed. I see in this thread that at least two of the six testers found the knife to be worthy enough to actually commit to buying one. Is this a cause for concern or cause for buying multiples?

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    I'm down for one so count me in. No handle preference for me as Pierre has excellent taste. Is there a deposit required, or just a hand shake and an IOU?

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    I'm in for 1, would prefer Cocobolo, but trust you if different

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    IIRC we will be required to send a deposit to reserve our knives at some point in the future -probably before Pierre and Lefty place a firm work order with Lamsom to produce the knives.

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    I'm definitely in for one.

    Would prefer wood handle and nickel pins, but the profile looks so freakin hot I don't care



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    The reviews were not made public mostly so we could get feedback that had not been inadvertently swayed one way or the other. I will try to get something up for you guys soon. As always, thanks for your interest, everyone.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    is it too late to sign up for one?

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    not much movement on this for about a month, just wondering how things are progressing ?

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