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Thread: Permanent soaking of stones, King brand?

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    Permanent soaking of stones, King brand?

    I am coming across conflicting instructions as to soaking permanently or not.

    KING K-80 #250 #1000


    King S-3 #6000

    Anyone have advice?

    These are my first foray into what I can see is going to be a consuming hobby.

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    Senior Member ThEoRy's Avatar
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    I have no problem permanently soaking my king 800, 1000 or 1200 or the beston 500 bester 1200 Gesshin 400, Gesshin Jinzo Aoto and Rika 5k. However I would shy away from permasoaking combo stones for fear of degrading the binding agent they use to fuse the two stones together. Unless someone here has experience with this IDK. Thing is, I don't use combo stones either so what do I know?

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    Yes I had heard combo stones were prone to that.
    So altered question. How long should I soak a combo stone?

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    The usual recommendation for soaking is to soak until you no longer see bubbles coming out of the store.

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    Cheers all.

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    I've had my king combo in water for 1 year straight and have not had any issue with the adhesive breaking down. I didn't realize it could be a problem. Maybe I'm just lucky?

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    I have been soaking my Combo 1000/6000 for well over 3 months and it is just now starting to separate I want it to do this so I can clean the joint and then epoxy it back together . then I will let the epoxy cure (harden) and not have any issues of it doing again .

    I have a tub full of water stones that sit in water all the time I do add a bit of Bleach to my water to inhibit (stop) any bacteria from growing in / on my stones or the water.

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