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Thread: Cutting onions horizontally - does it serve any purpose?

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    Cutting onions horizontally - does it serve any purpose?

    I am only a home cook, but over the past few months I have watched quite a few knife skills videos on youtube because I wanted to improve my knife handling technique. One thing I noticed over and over again when I watched people cutting onions is that they do not only do the lengthwise cuts before the final crosswise "dicing" cuts, but also cut up the onion horizontally with two or three cuts, either before or after the lengthwise cuts.

    Does this really help/improve the final result or is it just some thing that is handed down from one generation of cooks to the next without really questioning the effectiveness? If you consider the internal structure of the onion it is hard to see how it can accomplish anything positive. Actually, it wrecks the internal structure of the onion and makes it hold together less well when you do the fnal dicing cuts. You can even see the onion literally fall apart during the cutting process, and not in the good way.

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    It is a trade off. Instead of doing cuts that radiate from the center of the onion, like a clock, and having to change the angle of every cut. you can go 2-3 horizontal then all strait vertical. Then dice. It improves speed.

    I'm sure someone can explain this better than myself.

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    I don't bother. If I'm concerned about consistency of dice, I do radial cuts.

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    II don't bother. If I need brunoise cuts that precise, I'llI'll lay the layers our in sheets and then cut.
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    If you just do vertical cuts, you will end up with long pieces of onion.

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    I do one or two horizontal cuts, depending on size of the onion.
    Not that I think it is all that needed per se, but it is fun using my tools for what they are worth

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    radial cut for me
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    Radial cuts here too I find it is more economic and consistent.

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    Cutting onions horizontally - does it serve any purpose?

    Why use a knife at all when all you have to do is say Chop and Onion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Why use a knife at all when all you have to do is say Chop and Onion
    Haha "I'm tearless and delighted"

    Lets just save time and change the name of this forum to the alligator forum... I'm sold

    And It's 20 bucks, so what the heck right
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