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Thread: BBQ/Grillers - Living in an Apartment...Ugh

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    Senior Member AFKitchenknivesguy's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    I saw that Fire Sense grill. A lot of bad reviews on it; fragile, falls apart in the rain, etc. The lodge is an option, I was hoping for something more traditional like the Korin model. Extensive searching online hasn't led to anything. I'll keep trudging along, thanks for everyone's time!



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    The binchotan charcoal is easier to use than you think. I light it with a torch in a large cast iron pan. Then transfer with tongs to the small Konro grills. We use the grills inside at the table without needing crazy ventilation.

    Another option, since your all set with sous vide, is to use the Searzall. Not sure how close they are to market.

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