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Thread: How to preserve kasumi

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    My green brick does a great job.

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    One of the members of this forum had pointed this thread some time ago about kasumi

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    King 800 then Geshin Jinzo Aoto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icanhaschzbrgr View Post
    Thanks for the comment guys!

    I'll probably have to stop caring about preserving kasumi and just sharpen using usual stones progression. Seems like it takes more time/effort then I'm willing to give.
    10 minutes will give you a satisfactory result...
    I dont take too much time chasing the kasumi haze.. Only at the very end after all the thinning and sharpening, I will use mud from 1000 grit stone ( naniwa homestone, brown color) as it leaves a slightly darker grey haze as compared to my other stones.

    a. I hear that king 800 leaves a dark kasumi but i am not spending on it
    b) apply with 800 grit sandpaper adn use even pressure initially
    c) towards the end.. use single directional and lighter pressure
    d) There are times that I raise fresh mud form the stone itself with the sandpaper

    rinse off and the effect whld be a lighter even Kasumi finish ( whatever the color efffect of the mud you have collected)

    finally, when you flatten your stones.. that wld be a good time to collect your mud in a plastic container or give your knives a good mud spa....

    have fun and good luck.

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    On finishing with courser grit stones, I have had good results with king 800. But since JNS 800 has arrived, king 800 has been smashed down into pieces for other usage.

    Here's a factory finish vs JNS 800 for initial honbadsuke for this santoku.

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