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Thread: Have you eaten with your hands?

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    The Malays here still eat rice with their bare hands, which I find disgusting. Yes, it does take some technique, particularly in pushing the rice into your mouth, your thumb is the key. It was taught to me by a Chinese teacher when I was still schooling.

    Ever heard of the fruit Durian? 99.9% people here eat it with their hands, I'm the only weird guy eating it by sticking a sharp fork into the seed. The civilized way to eat? I find it disgusting to mesh the fruit with my fingers.

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    Oh, but durian is a different beast altogether - not everyone eats it to begin with

    I just spoke with an old friend earlier today who came back (briefly) from abroad. I asked him about eating with his hands in India and he just shrugged and said it's no big deal. No big mess, nothing - even with curry on rice. Just eat like everyone else and enjoy it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteger View Post
    Eating rice with various sauces or dal, etc, with hands - yeah, it's awkward and takes some skill. Not sure how true it is but, like with using a mortar&pestle instead of a blender, people like to say food tastes better that way. Me, I disagree because I'm too focused on not making a big mess rather than enjoying the taste.
    Exactly my experience

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