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Thread: Micarta handles

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    Micarta handles

    I'm really very curious to try out a knife with a linen micarta handle, but I haven't really had the chance. What knives (preferably production, and not custom) do you know of with good linen micarta handles?

    (Not sure what type of knife it would be - chances are my next purchase would either be a 210mm gyuto, a santoku, a petty, a parer, or a Chinese cleaver upgrade)

    So far I know of:
    • Hattori FH
    • Hattori KD
    • Nenox G-Type
    • Various lines of Miyabi / Henckels I probably don't want

    What am I missing?


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    I have the Hattori FH, the Miyabi 7000MC and a 300mm Yaxell, all of them with smooth Micarta grips. I like them, they feel pretty heavy and solid. They have smooth polished grips though, I have another knife with a kind of sandblasted rough Micarta handle and it begins to feel really sticky and nasty after a while when the fat and grease from your hands accumulate on the grip.

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