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Thread: Can anyone tell me what kind of blade this is?

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    Can anyone tell me what kind of blade this is?


    New to the forum!

    I am going to start to make some handles for knifes and I recently bought a few to start with. Most of them are just simple blank blades but one of them is a japanese usuba blade. But I know nothing about the blade and I wonder if anyone here can helpe me identify it. Would love to know who made it and stuff like that.

    The blade:


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    Seems like nakiri to me.

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    Looks like an usuba to me, but I'd need a pic of the other side to tell for sure

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    As above, Kakugata Usuba

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    Yeah the only thing I know is that it is an Usuba blade. Anyone has any clue how I can find out who the maker of the blade is or how I can find out more information about it?


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