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Thread: konosuke fujiyama

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    konosuke fujiyama

    I'm looking at a 210 white #1 petty from tosho for my new line knife. Can anyone comment as to the f+f with stock handle and such? Also this could any owners perhaps post a choil shot.

    Thanks in advance

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    I can not comment on this particular knife but overall Konosuke's F+F is very good. Tosho is a good place to buy as well.

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    Lanel, Remember Konosuki is a brand like Toyota. Fujiyama can be a misleading name for several of Kono's styles: The Blue #2 and Ginsanko (stainless) are wide bevel knives. The Fuijyama white series grind is somewhere between a wide bevel and the HD/HH series. If you never used or messed with a wide double bevel, it will surprise you how well they cut.
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