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Thread: Recycling waste grit

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    I have 2 tubs...
    a) a mixture of all grits ranging from 400 grit above
    b) mixture of above 2000 to 10,000 grit

    I apply them with sandpaper of 600 grit for the kasumi finish adn general cleaning. For finer finisihing I apply it with 2000 grit sandpaper. UNfortunately, teh SS Naniwa mud does not leave a dark kasumi haze. LIght grey only.

    I use 600 grit sandpaper with mud of the blade face of single bevel knife.

    have fun.. rgds d

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    I certainly like the idea of tubs for the grit I regret the amount I have poured away I used to put it down the sink until I blocked a pipe that took me a couple of hours to unblock now I empty the bucket down the WC and now I am not sluicing the bucket out so I am collecting a sludge at the bottom of the bucket . Depressing to think of the kilo or so of grit down the drain although I try to minimise flattening the stones now and try to manage the stone use so it remains reasonable flat by sharpening on the high spots I just use the stone flatterner to take the corners off .

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