So, I was seduced by the beauty of pattern welded steel (Damascus - like) blades, and bought some lesser priced versions. I use them for food prep at home. The ones that I bought had sharp-to-the-hand square-cut spines that annoyed me where I pinch the blades, so I rounded/eased the spines with some emery cloth. Worked well, but it made some of the pattern adjacent to the spine less visible. This led me to read about using ferro-chloric acid to re-etch the patterns. I did this, and the blades look awesome, but they drag badly through food - really increases the resistance as I cut, despite re-honing the edges.

Short of polishing-away the pretty pattern, what else can I do to decrease the friction/drag through food? I tried rubbing the knives with mineral oil as well as candle wax. Some improvement, but not great.

Has anyone 'seasoned' these blades with oil, the same way that I treat my cast iron skillet, which makes it quite non-stick for cooking? I am reluctant to try, without knowing some temperature guidelines, and what might hurt the blades in the end.

And, if not this, any other ideas?