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Thread: What is sharp?

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    I found a good test for most kitchen knives processed ham that comes packed like a sausage in plastic if the edge is keen it slices straight through the dog is on a win win with this test since the ham is for his treats . I think the paper test is a sort of academic test but the thick yet soft plastic skin on the ham compares well to a variety of food in the kitchen ; I have found some edges that cut paper well fail on this test.
    Embarrassing if you think you have done a good job on a knife possible with polished bevels and it simple does not cut the ham in the plastic sausage so I now use it as a check if I have any doubt about the edge.

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    That is a good video. I think we should start using German terminology for these tests whenever possible. Such a great language for precise terminology.

    I think the daumenprobe (in these forums most use the dreifingerprobe from Carter) tells you everything you need to know after you've relied on it for a bit. The rasierprobe, with a strong emphasis on success going in both directions is a good test too. As long as you don't test too many knives this way and end up hairless.
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    Not sure the three finger test is great for everyone . I play guitar and do a fair bit of manual labor, woodworking and renovating in my spare time. Not to mention cooking for a living. In a nutshell my fingers and hands are rather calloused and senseless. I'd cut myself a lot with the three finger test lol.

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    +1 to this. I've got hard construction hands and not much feeling on the fingertips! This might sound weird but one test I do is cut my palm.... Just the surface hard layer, but the way it goes in gives good feedback. Like others said, a consistent test, be it the same paper or the same patch of skin, after a while you get a fell for it.

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    Jimbob, I appreciate the suggestion but I have lovers hands so will pass on that😄

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