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Thread: do you like Cilantro?

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    Love cilantro - cook with the stems and garnish with the leaves.

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    My understanding is that there is a genetic predisposition as to whether or not a person likes Cilantro or whether it tastes bad to them. Who knows.......

    I'm just glad me and the wife both like it. Otherwise, how could one do justice to a good Pico de Gallo without it?

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    I love cilantro. You can also buy freeze dried cilantro that I have on hand during the winter months -- not as good but when I need small amounts or use it in a vinaigrette it is nice to have on hand.

    Also, when I chop up cilantro leaves and don't use it all, I spread them out to fully dry, then freeze them on a pan. After they are frozen I store them in the freeze for when I need an extra table spoon or two. I used to get Dorot frozen cilantro cubes too which I liked to have on hand in a pinch, but they can be hard to find in the US -- though I have been seeing them more and more.

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    So I get what the cilantro haters are going on about. I ate a flower today and it did all the stuff the haters talk about, tasted astringent like soap, felt grainy while swallowing, and left me with a sore throat. I guess the flower had a high enough concentration of whatever to affect me adversely where the leaves tasted mind is a little bit blown.

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