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Thread: Farmers Market Bounty: My Basil Runneth Over...

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    Farmers Market Bounty: My Basil Runneth Over...

    Went to the FM out here for the first time and they had some really gorgeous basil, I couldn't resist. I grabbed a bunch of Thai basil and some seriously amazing lemon basil. Now that I have all this basil, what can I do with it to preserve it so it doesn't go to waste? Thai basil smells like regular basil only more pungent so I'm thinking of just making a large batch of pesto and freezing it. I don't know what to do with the lemon basil. I've never seen it before it today. Any suggestions?

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    use thai basil to make stir fry with your favorite protein. steep half the lemon basil in canola oil, strain, cool it down, then blend it with the other half to make a nice flavored oil.

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    Lemon basil makes a great paste for butterflied grilled chicken or chicken pieces. Mix with minced garlic, ginger, green onion , oil ( maybe a few drops of sesame oil) and a splash of soy, oyster and or fish sauce and citrus juice. If you use it in stir fries, add it just before you finish and toss it in just before serving.

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