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Thread: First Knife (I bet you guys are tired of this question)

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    Sakai Takayuki makes a 240 Damascus with VG 10 steel that has a beautiful western style wood handle.
    The profile is not as tall as I like and I personally went for a Takeda stainless clad high carbon that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! But is $370.00
    I have the Sakai Takayuki small petty (paring knife) that after a bit of sharpening got a very nice edge ( but was disappointing out of box)
    I have one tojiro DP boning knife that I love, I would guess the chef knife would be equally impressive -- the knife is just not impressive to look at if that is important to you.
    Remember full tang knives tend to be heavier and thicker than those without full tang. My Takeda is ultra thin and great for most veggies except for things like hard root veggies and squashes ( waxed turnips, acorn squash etc) but it will chiffonade, thin slice and brunoise better than any thicker knife ever could. Eventually you will need more than one knife, talk to on line importers as they want to do well by you. I spent a lot of time chatting with Jeremy at Chubo knives.
    Good luck

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    As far as sharpening I got a King 1000/6000 combo for about $60.00 that has served me well as an entry level set. Watch online videos and practice on your crappy work knives 1st but remember they have a different bevel angle than any Japanese blade. Take your time and sharpening is not that hard and well worth it

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    Tojiro DP is a great knife for what your looking for and it less expensive

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    After doing some more research, I have decided to purchase a gesshin ginga when it comes back in stock. I ordered the gesshin 1000/6000 combo stone to practice sharpening the knives I have in the mean time. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

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    The gesshin stones are among the very best out there and Gesshin Ginga knives are highly respected. You could do much worse than that

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    Disclosure: I know nothing about that line of knives. From reading the description I am a bit concerned at the "no name steel" if I drop 250 on a knife I want to know more about the steel used-- what exactly is it? (Other than "fine grained") How is it made, what is the grind etc.
    From reading lots of reviews and checking web sites the steel is listed, Aogami super, white one or 2, VG10, SG2, Swedish steel, molybendum etc.
    I keep coming across the same brands
    Misono, Konosuku, Sakai,masamoto,Takeda, Tojiro and more
    Just make sure you know exactly what you are getting so you can compare
    I have only had experience with Chubo knives (I am not affiliated with them) and liked that I could speak directly with the owner and they have a great return policy, even if the knife just isn't what you expected .
    Just look around and get as much info and feedback as possible. 1st try and learn about the different steel types, regardless of who makes them, so you have a base line for comparasion
    Hope I did not muddle things for you
    Good luck

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