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Thread: New Store- Opening July 1st

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    New Store- Opening July 1st

    For those of you who are interested, we are opening this coming Friday- July 1st at 11am

    We will be open Monday-Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 12pm-5pm

    Our store address is:
    1501 Main St. #105
    Venice, CA 90291

    And you can reach us by phone during business hours at 310-399-0300

    So, who's coming out this weekend ?

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    I am so there. Trying to convince the boss to let me off early Friday. If not, then Saturday for sure.

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    It's ok. I'll run. I always run for (or away from) knives.

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    Newport Beach
    I'm gonna try to stop by! And it's only a walk for me!


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    Have a great opening and a good start! I hope this will become a magnet for the LA community of chefs and collectors. I admit, I did everything in the past to avoid LA, but I understand it's big enough for an upscale customer base and I'll try the next stop-over on the way east in LA instead of SF...


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    I obviously won't be there but I'm wishing you a good kickoff and a great run for the future. Don't have too much fun though - this is serious business!

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    I will probably hunker down and not go anywhere this weekend, as getting in and out of beach communities will probably be insane this weekend. Best of luck in the opening, and I hope to make the trek sometime soon.


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    The only LA I'm close enough to is Lower Alabama, but best of luck!


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    So, the shop is finished and ready to go... see you guys tomorrow for those of you who are coming out

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