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Thread: looking for a smaller (or not)second knife! (carbon this time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexG View Post
    What makes a knife better at breaking down chickens? Thickness, sharpness, ??

    Thanks will look for these choices!
    For me it's about the nimble profile. If you break down a chicken properly with a petty you should cut around/ along bones and you only ever go through joints/ cartilage . I find the petty profile great for this. Thin or thick petty as long as it's small and agile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atokade View Post
    Paul sells from his place in Montreal.
    Tosho, based in Toronto and previously mentioned, and Knifewear from out west both sell online. Which city do you live in? There are other Japanese knife stores that don't sell online. L'Emouleur in Montreal, KNIFE in Toronto, etc.
    I live in Montreal actually... didn<t know Paul was in Montreal! haha

    I only knew about l'╔mouleur but by what I saw, only seems to sell big expensive knives with crazy custom handles

    I'll look through the other ones, do you know any others in Montreal?

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    Unfortunately I don't think there are any others in Montreal. In Ottawa there's finejapanesekitchenknives, but the selection is a bit limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Tosho is another canadian company. You may also want to look into JCK; based in japan, but they offer worldwide shipping for $7.
    JCK offers pretty much only western handles in my budget (sub 100) unfortunately. I wanted to order from them

    I'll drop by L'╔mouleur this weekend.

    And in all honesty, I'd order again from Jon is it wasn't for the expensive shipping. Best service in town, GREAT knife!

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    AlexG look at the ridiculously expensive shipping and taxes from US as a blessing. If not for it, I would definitely be poorer and with more steel I would ever need :>

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    Hahaha! True, only thing slowing me right now is the shipping cost (whish is 50-60% of the actual knife price tag.... :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruso View Post
    I have the Sakai GC 150mm petty and I am not too impressed with it. I barely use it for anything anymore, I would go with something else in your place.

    P.S. I always though KNIFE in TO sold online, I guess I was mistaken. Also Maxim at JapaneseNaturalStones, based in Europe, has a free WW shipping on order >$200 CAD.
    Any thoughts about these?!

    They look awesome, AS steel, just wonder how thin they are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexG View Post
    Any thoughts about these?!
    They look awesome, AS steel, just wonder how thin they are?
    They have been out of stock for quite some time. Otherwise I'd grab one to try

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    Upped my budget:

    hesitating between
    powdered steel r-2 (never heard of that steel or maker

    ginga white #2 120 or 150mm

    Zakuri blue#1 150mm

    Help me decide? Is there a clear winner? f&f on these?

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