This is not from the batch I am waiting for. These are 5 blocks I found in the bottom of a box yesterday.
These pieces are narrower and thinner than what is coming so I priced them cheaper.
Should be good stuff for knives that do not have big handles.
Nice figure and coloring in all of these. This is natural wood. It has not been chemically stabilized.Gidgee is a type of wood in the Acacia family so it can look a lot like Koa (also an Acacia). This wood grows in arid regions of Australia so the wood has a weight and density similar to Desert Ironwood.

I just finished posting these 5 blocks in the Brand New Pieces section of our web store. Click on the photo if you would like to see what is still available.

Questions and/or comments are welcomed. If you have made a knife using Ringed Gidgee you are welcome to post a photo.