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Thread: Decoy Knives?

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    Decoy Knives?

    I'm curious what other members do at home for the sake of guests/ family members who want to "help" in the kitchen.

    I hadn't really considered it as a problem before as my wife takes better care of the knives than I do (and I do all the cooking in advance when there's guests over).

    Anyhow, my parents and grandma came to visit a few days ago and after dinner while I was talking to my dad, my grandma and mum appeared from the kitchen holding drinks with lemon slices on the edge off the glasses... I quickly made an excuse and headed back into the kitchen to find one of my carbon gyuto sitting on the board along with half a lemon!

    Luckily I caught it before any damage was done (beyond jacking the patina), but it made me realise the importance of having some decoys.

    I always store my knives out of sight, so any decoy knives left on the counter should prevent anyone searching out the special ones.

    I'd appreciate some advice on what others do at home with regards to decoys. I don't think I could stand to have a set of cheap nasty knives displayed in the kitchen.

    Do I need to lock the special knives away?

    Any ideas are most appreciated.

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    just leave a knife out with a sturdy kind of handle and make sure its stainless and doesn't have a ridiculously keen edge so that it can cut threw something like crusty bread with out chipping. I have a blockset of whustofs from when I first started my apprenticeship that I leave near my board they aren't **** knives but they can be used as can openers or axes if need be.

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    I always make sure I have an old knife and old non stick skillet out when the mother in law comes by. She has ruined both in the past..

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    If you have a TK Maxx local then have a look, they sometimes have reasonable stuff that would fit the bill perfectly and normally quite cheap, have a look in the sale section as well, got a Henckels Twin Pollux parer for £5 last week

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    Help?? What is this help of which you speak??

    Most know my sharpening obsession and steer well clear of my cutlery. My home set (the good stuff) doesn't travel to parties, etc. The stuff in my case is pretty good stuff (Wusthof, etc.) that I got off of eBay for a song, and won't send me into therapy if something happens.

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    Victorinox or Hiromoto G3. I've got both. All my paring/petty/utility knives are stainless so I'm not worried about those.

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    Should the decoy knives look kind of high-end? That way they won't keep searching around for the good ones?

    If that doesn't really matter then I would second the Victorinox.

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    Stainless opinel utility/paring knives. Not great edge holding or anything, but they are friendly enough and usable for fruits and small kitchen stuff.

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    Some henckels. Everybody knows that brand.

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