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Thread: Recommendation for new knife?

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    Recommendation for new knife?

    Hey Everyone,

    So I stumbled across this forum in my search for some information on chef's knives. Currently I have a Global G-2 8in chef's that I do like however, I'm not a huge fan of the handle and would ideally like something a little different. I get the impression that half the people I know have either a Shun or a Global, not that this makes either a bad knife but I know there are better knives out there and figured this would be the place to ask!

    What country are you in?

    What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)?
    Chef's Knife or Santoku, I'm open to either if you think one suits my style of cutting and food prep better
    Are you right or left handed?
    Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese handle?
    No real preference but not Global G series
    What length of knife (blade) are you interested in (in inches or millimeters)?
    8in chef's, maybe a bit larger but no smaller than 8in for Chef's, Santoku can be a bit smaller
    Do you require a stainless knife? (Yes or no)
    No, doesn't need to be stainless
    What is your absolute maximum budget for your knife?
    Around $100 or so, maybe could swing an extra $10 or so but really want to stick around $100 max

    Do you primarily intend to use this knife at home or a professional environment?
    Home Cooking
    What are the main tasks you primarily intend to use the knife for (e.g., slicing vegetables, chopping vegetables, mincing vegetables, slicing meats, cutting down poultry, breaking poultry bones, filleting fish, trimming meats, etc.)? (Please identify as many tasks as you would like.)
    Most of the above with a focus on veggie and fruit prep as well as cutting de-boned meats both raw and cooked. Don't plan to de-bone any meat anytime soon but aside from that most other kitchen tasks
    What knife, if any, are you replacing?
    Global G-2 8in Chef's
    Do you have a particular grip that you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for the common types of grips.)
    99% of the time it's Pinch with a bit of Hammer sometimes
    What cutting motions do you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for types of cutting motions and identify the two or three most common cutting motions, in order of most used to least used.)
    Push-Cut and Slice mostly with a small amount of Draw and Rock
    What improvements do you want from your current knife? If you are not replacing a knife, please identify as many characteristics identified below in parentheses that you would like this knife to have.)
    Different handle than the G-2, something that is a bit different/less common. Great all-arounder type knife, I would ideally love to own maybe 3 knifes tops, Chefs/Santoku, Paring and a Bread Knife. I am fairly unfamiliar with sharping myself so something that would often need sharpening would be out....
    Better aesthetics (e.g., a certain type of finish; layered/Damascus or other pattern of steel; different handle color/pattern/shape/wood; better scratch resistance; better stain resistance)?
    Not super concerned with aesthetics but something pretty is of course a plus. That being said, I do appreciate the knife that has a stain or two showing it has been used and loved, that isn't a turn off to me like some people that want 100% pristine all the time.
    Ease of Use (e.g., ability to use the knife right out of the box; smoother rock chopping, push cutting, or slicing motion; less wedging; better food release; less reactivity with food; easier to sharpen)?
    High ease of use, something I don't want to have to think about constantly yet at the same time I'm fine with basic care like honing and keeping it clean/dry (not afraid to try non-Stainless)
    Edge Retention (i.e., length of time you want the edge to last without sharpening)?
    As long as possible but I'm ok with sending it somewhere (someone on the forum possibly??) for sharpening maybe once a year?

    Do you use a bamboo, wood, rubber, or synthetic cutting board? (Yes or no.)
    Currently using OXO clear plastic compound boards, see the link
    Do you sharpen your own knives? (Yes or no.)
    If not, are you interested in learning how to sharpen your knives? (Yes or no.)
    Not really, at least not for a while, maybe consider it later on...
    Are you interested in purchasing sharpening products for your knives? (Yes or no.)
    Maybe but really don't want to have to deal with that right away

    I do currently own a MesserMeister Ceramic Honing Rod that I have been using on my Global's.

    Considering some things from Korin as well as MAC and Tojiro but right now am feeling a bit lost with all the options and things I'm finding...

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    Better have your G-2 professionaly sharpened instead of replacing it. Once thinned it's a knife with a huge potential.

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    My issue with the G-2 is the handle not the sharpness, can't really fix that by sharpening. I stated that in the section about what you would change/want from your new knife vs. the old....

    Also, I wanted something a little different in regards to not everyone and their brother having either it (hence not Global or Shun)

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    Well there's the Gesshin Stainless, Tojiro DP and JCK Carbonext you can look at. If you're going to using a decent knife and want to get the most out of it, you should really learn to do your own sharpening. No edge will last a year between sharpening unless you don't actually use the knife.

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    Nebraska, USA
    I have been considering my options quite a bit the last few days and after pricing a few stones (King's) and doing a bit of reading, I'm open to learning/getting into sharpening myself by hand. I think this would be the best option to keep my knives acceptably sharp and at the same time learn a new skill.

    That being said, I have updated my original post to reflect this as well as include some knives which have perked my interest.

    Suisin High Carbon Steel Gyutou (Korin)
    Gesshin Uraku 210mm White #2 Kurouchi Wa-Gyuto (Japanese Knife Imports)
    Gesshin Stainless 210mm Gyuto (Japanese Knife Imports)
    Tojiro DP?

    I'm sure there are plenty of great options I'm missing...

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    *seems I can't edit my first post* oops

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