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Thread: Can kitchen knives be "seasoned" like a Wok or Cast Iron Skillet?

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    David, Sounds like you're satisfied with your sharpening results, but I'm curious: what are you using? Spyderco? Doesn't appear, from your profile, as if you're using any usual assortment of waterstones. I'm assuming you didn't use your wet grinder -- nor, presumably, a Chef's Choice machine (I don't think I've ever heard of a model 3155).

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    Current sharpening

    Thanks for the question.

    My original sharpening when I 'got serious' was on the Grizzley low-speed wheel wet-sharpener that I bought several years ago, but set-up to do 'one knife' including adding water and waiting for it to equilibrate, and grading the stone to it's higher 1000 grit equivalent, and trying to set the appropriate angle for each different size blade that I put in the clamps (also trying to avoid sharpening the edge of the clamp!) takes a bit of time and effort. I then ended up buying a Chef's Choice 315S for convenience, changing all my blades to 15 degrees, and use the "extra-fine" stones bought separate from the SpyderCo set in the 15 degree slots for a couple strokes each side each time I use and clean the knife. The latter keeps things quite sharp for months between touch-ups on the 315S. I also tried the SpyderCo from coarse on down to fine for a few knives, but despite watching Sal on the videos, I must be using the wrong pressure, changing angles, too few strokes, etc., as I did not get a great result using that to change from 20 degree blade angles to 15 degree blade angles when I tried it on a few blades....perhaps all three errors.

    Anyway, all's good now, with little notable metal loss from the blades over time.

    - David

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